Join the Dunamis Fellowship

An international network of Dunamis-trained believers

The purpose of the Dunamis Fellowship is to mobilize, equip and deploy Spirit-empowered witnesses for Jesus Christ.

The Fellowship is a combination of a missionary society, a seminary faculty, and an intentional prayer community – one that enables us to meet the challenges of working for renewal and advancing the Gospel in the world today. These three aspects of the Fellowship are expressed through a variety of programs and ministries.

A missionary society

…a group of people committed to the vision of fulfilling the Great Commission. Members of the society teach, preach, and witness to the gospel throughout the world. Our primary method of engagement in missions is through short-term teaching mission trips toequip national leaders for participation in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A seminary faculty

…individuals equipped for ministry through anointed teachers who present the biblical and theological foundations of ministry. These faculty have been trained through the Dunamis Project and Advanced Ministry courses.

An intentional prayer community

…the life and work of the Fellowship is grounded and immersed in prayer. The prayers of the members will be led by the Holy Spirit. Through prayer we grow in intimacy with God, receive anointing for ministry, and open doors for advancing the gospel.

Joining the Dunamis Fellowship

Information about joining the Dunamis Fellowship is given on the Dunamis Fellowship Membership Brochure.

A print-friendly version of just the Membership Form is also available.