Advanced Course in Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare (ACSISW)

March 2024 – June 2025

– Applications have now closed as we have reached capacity –

Calling all Intercessors!

Did you know that there is a spiritual battle going on for our world, our nations, our communities, our churches and our families? It goes on 24/7, 365 days a year! However, in Deuteronomy 20:4 we read that we are on the right side of that battle:
“For the Lord your God is He who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory”
Come and learn how to do battle in prayer.


This is an intensive course run over 16 months. It is intended:

  • for people who have already had prior training and experience in intercessory prayer,
  • to equip intercessors and prayer warriors with a foundational understanding of Strategic Intercession, and
  • to train intercessors to use strategies and tactics of spiritual warfare, as directed by the Holy Spirit.

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Like the woman at the well (or the man beside the pool), Jesus met me and healed me. Now He is training me as a Strategic Intercessor for His Kingdom through this amazing course. All praise and glory to Him! – Jeannie (Alberta, Canada)

Faith Ministry

The cost covers only the operating costs for this course. Dunamis is a faith ministry run by volunteers (including the teachers and leaders), with just one part-time employee (administrator).

As this is an advanced course, we also ask students to pray about giving donations to help cover the costs of the teaching and facilitation teams.

Bursary assistance may be available: enquiries – and donations – to the bookings administrator, Nicola Nicholson (

Ministers are encouraged to seek a denominational training grant, and to include an element for Dunamis speakers’ expenses.

Why do we need this course?

As we wait expectantly for the next Great Awakening by the Holy Spirit, here in the UK and Europe, we will undoubtedly experience spiritual counterattack from the kingdom of darkness. We must be equipped for the work of strategic-level intercession and spiritual warfare if we are to play our part in this great move of God.  

This level of engagement moves beyond personal ministry, that of healing, deliverance, evangelism, and discipleship, to the more corporate level, which focuses on the global moves of the Holy Spirit, and Satan’s counter moves seeking to block God’s redemptive plans.

Prayer is the vanguard of outpourings of the Holy Spirit, which advance God’s Kingdom. This includes praying to remove those blockages to the Gospel that Satan has established through strongholds. To do this we need a systematic approach to Intercession. 

In this course we will systematically look at how demonic strongholds are formed and then unpack a number of strategies and tactics in order to deal with these.


As a result of attending the course, Intercessors will:

  • have gained a greater appreciation of God’s strategic plan for His Kingdom, and greater understanding of Satan’s attempt to oppose that.  
  • be able to safely participate in praying against and overcoming the strongholds of the enemy that seek to block the advancement of God’s Kingdom.
  • have gained experience and knowledge of how to operate in prayer cohorts or contingents. 

About this Course

Students are expected to fully participate in all elements of the course, both online and in person.

Information about the online parts of this course can be found in the ‘Course Structure and Materials’ tab below.

Students will receive more information about booking onto each Residential once the course has begun. There is more information about each of the two residentials in the tabs below as well.

Students will be assigned to a small group for the duration of the course.

Students will learn through a variety of materials and media such as:

  • Required Reading:
    – Prayer that Shapes the Future: How to Pray with Power and Authority, by Brad Long and Doug McMurray
    – Rees Howells: Intercessor, by Norman Grubb
    – Chapter 8 of the Dunamis Project 5 Manual: Equipping for Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement.
  • Personal viewing of teaching videos
  • Facilitated Small Groups (Online) throughout the course for discussion and reviewing the video teachings (dates and times of those meetings to be confirmed)
  • Teaching and real time ‘prayer engagements’ at two residential events
  • Comprehensive teaching manual and handouts.

The teaching sessions will address:

  • Defining the war
  • Where do the battles take place?
  • God’s Sovereignty and spheres of activity
  • The Holy Destiny of Israel and the Nations
  • The Interwoven Holy Destinies of UK, USA and Canada
  • Satan’s master plan against the Kingdom of God
  • Our authority in Christ to engage?
  • Our Call in ‘Prayer that Shapes the Future’
  • Knowing our place of Intercession
  • Defining and dealing with strongholds?
  • When should we engage?
  • Working in Teams such as cohorts and contingents
  • The Importance of ‘After Action Reviews’
  • Personal and Team self care

Wed 29 May – Sun 2 June 2024
The Greenhouse at Barnes Close, Worcestershire. B61 0RA

Bookings for Residential 1 will become available to students once the course has begun.

Accommodation and Community Buiding

‘The Greenhouse at Barnes Close’ is not a typical Christian Conference Centre. It has been chosen specifically because of the need to build community and teamwork as we engage together in high level spiritual intercession. We will have the place to ourselves.   

Our meals will be lovingly provided by Dunamis volunteers working in the self-catering kitchens. They will become part of the family for the event. The food will be simple, wholesome, and quick to prepare.
Participants will be asked to take turns with the clearing of tables etc. This is very much on the model of Rees Howells and the Bible College in Wales, and at the Community of the Cross (Black mountain, North Carolina) which is the spiritual home of Dunamis. 

The accommodation here has recently been considerably updated, but ensuite rooms are still limited. Students have the option to find local hotel accommodation if they prefer.

Wed 14 – Fri 16 May 2025
King’s Park Conference Centre, Northampton. NN3 6LL

Bookings for Residential 2 will become available to students in late 2024.

This will be a shorter, 48-hour residential just ahead of our Annual Fellowship Gathering (these are running back-to-back in the same venue, and everyone is most welcome to stay on for the Fellowship Gathering).

As this is an advanced course you must submit an application; attendance on the course will be subject to the approval of the ACSISW team. Please also note numbers are limited.

Normally students will have completed one of the following:

  • Foundations for Kingdom Intercession;
  • All three of the following Dunamis Projects:
    – DP1 – Gateways to Empowered Ministry
    – DP3 – The Power of Prayer
    – DP5 – Equipping for Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement

If you have not completed one of the options above but have experience or training from another Christian Ministry on Intercession to the satisfaction of the ACSISW team, you may still be able to attend. Register an interest or complete the application form, and one of the team will contact you to discuss (information at the bottom of this webpage).

Exact costs are still be finalised.

We estimate that the residential costs will be:

  • Residential 1 (Barnes Close, 2024) approx. £250-300 per person.
  • Residential 2 (King’s Park, 2025) approx. £200-250 per person.

In addition to this there will be admin costs, and costs of the manuals and books.

As this is an advanced course, we also ask students to pray about giving donations to help cover the costs of the teaching and facilitation teams.

Think and Pray - are you called to participate?

“God does nothing except in response to believing prayer” – John Wesley

Please pray about whether you should participate in this groundbreaking and essential course on Strategic Intercession. The Kingdom of God needs the powerful prayers of trained intercessors.

Come and learn how to intercede in a meaningful way, for the Kingdom, for our nations, for our cities, for our churches and communities.

Applications and Enquiries

This course is by pre-approved application only. It is a course requirement to attend all aspects of this course (including online sessions and both residentials).

If you’re interested to attend, but want to find out more first, you can click here to email Pauline Eyles (Event Director) or complete the enquiry form below.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to submit your application, please complete the application form below.

– Applications have now closed as we have reached capacity –

If you’d like to simply register your interest, find out more, or ask a question before submitting your application, please click here to email Pauline (

If you’re ready to make your application for this course, please complete and submit the application form below.

Who are the Course Leaders for ACSISW?

Pauline Eyles (Course Director)

Pauline is the Associate Director of DFB&I and will be directing this course. She is an experienced teacher, mentor and practitioner in deliverance ministry and strongholds.

Martin Boardman
Rev. Martin Boardman (Lead Teacher)

Martin is part of Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International (PRMI)’s International Executive Leadership Team and works with PRMI and Dunamis Fellowship Canada (DFC) in the joint ministry of Prayer Mobilization. He works to equip, encourage, and engage followers of Jesus in the work of Spirit-led Kingdom Intercession through prayer cohorts and contingents. He leads PRMI’s Prayer Vision Implementation Team and is currently directing and developing the Advanced Course in Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare.