Dunamis Project – East Anglia

The East Anglia Dunamis Project

Mon 22 – Fri 26 March 2021

Belsey Bridge Conference Centre

Dunamis Project # 2 :
In the Spirit’s Power

Jesus gave his followers a mission and promised the Holy Spirit to equip them for the task. Yet many Christians today have little first-hand experience of how to cooperate with the Spirit.

Our understanding and expectations may be limited by a lack of teaching. Perhaps past experiences and hurts make us cautious about exploring the various spiritual gifts that Jesus offers through his Holy Spirit.

In the Spirit’s Power looks at how Christians today can know the presence and power of the Holy Spirit  for themselves.

Through a mix of Biblical teaching, discussion, practical experience and thoughtful reflection, you can grow in:

●   Understanding a variety of spiritual gifts
●   Learning to cooperate with the Spirit’s activity
●   Discovering useful tests for discernment
●   Being filled with the Holy Spirit for service

Join us for this life-changing event, and discover how much more God can do in and through you !


Including accommodation, food & Student Manual:

  • £317 per person (en suite)
  • £256 per person (non en suite)

(There is no price difference for sole/shared occupancy.)

Booking fee is £80, with the balance due by 1st March 2021

Future events (prices TBA)

Bookings Administrator

Mrs Ada Fidder-Boutkan

47 Ethelbert Road,

T: 07940 823 135
E: ada@dunamis.org.uk

Map – Belsey Bridge

Faith Ministry

The cost covers only the venue fees for board and lodging, a student Manual, and administration. Dunamis is a faith ministry run by volunteers (including the teachers and leaders).

Offerings are invited at every event so we can continue to equip more people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Bursary assistance may be available: enquiries – and donations – to the bookings administrator.

Ministers are encouraged to seek a denominational training grant, and to include an element for Dunamis speakers’ expenses.

Cancellation Refunds

When places are booked we enter into a contract with the conference centre. Our ability to offer any refund depends on the policies of the venue and what proportion we are obliged to pay them in respect of a cancelled place.

Booking Your Place

We are confirming costs with the venue because of changes due to COVID-19.

Booking information will appear here as soon as we know the details.

In the meantime, please contact the Bookings Administrator with any enquiries about this event.