Dunamis Project – Midlands

The Midlands Dunamis Project

Tue 5 – Sat 9 October 2021

The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick DE55 1AU

Dunamis Project # 6 : Listening Evangelism

The final Dunamis Project, Listening Evangelism, emphasizes learning God’s vision for evangelism, and developing a passion for personal evangelism. We also seek to develop practical evangelism skills in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came in order to reconnect people with the God who made and loves us. He brought the hope of a new, never-dying life; a restored relationship and a life of purpose within his Kingdom. He said that he alone is the one who can bring us back into relationship with our heavenly Father. And he sends his church to tell others about this great news. We are his messengers.

But what often stands in the way is a nervousness or fear that you’ll get it wrong, mess up a friendship, or worse. For some, it’s a paralysing fear. This Dunamis event will help you find a natural and fearless way into more faith-sharing conversations in the course of everyday life.

Learning from the example of the early church, we will look at how Christians today can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in helping people discover the good news about Jesus Christ for themselves. Through Biblical teaching, practical experience and thoughtful reflection, we look forward to seeing people equipped and anointed by God to be part of this.

Even if personal evangelism intimidates you, you will find this teaching will equip you with a greater confidence in talking about your faith in Jesus Christ.

Main teaching topics include

  • Motivations for Evangelism
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism
  • Practical Evangelism Skills
  • Learning God’s Vision for Evangelism
  • Developing a Passion for Personal Evangelism.
  • Sharpening the Focus of your Testimony
  • Using Gospel Scripts.
  • How To Practice A Gospel Presentation
  • Praying for Those who Don’t Know Christ.
  • Listening for God’s Call to a Particular Region or People Group.
  • Sharing About Your Faith Journey.
  • How to Recognize Kairos Moments.

Join us for this life-changing event, and discover how much more God can do in and through you!


Including accommodation, food & Student Manual:

  • £TBA

(There is no price difference for sole/shared occupancy.)

Booking fee is £80, with the balance due by 1st May 2022

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This is the final event on this Midlands track. Please see other locations for upcoming events.

Bookings Administrator

Mr David Coxhead

17 Firwood Road,
Melton Mowbray,
LE13 1SA

T: 01664 668 158
E: david@dunamis.org.uk

Map – Hayes

Faith Ministry

The cost covers only the venue fees for board and lodging, a student Manual, and administration. Dunamis is a faith ministry run by volunteers (including the teachers and leaders).

Offerings are invited at every event so we can continue to equip more people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Bursary assistance may be available: enquiries – and donations – to the bookings administrator.

Ministers are encouraged to seek a denominational training grant, and to include an element for Dunamis speakers’ expenses.

Cancellation Refunds

When places are booked we enter into a contract with the conference centre. Our ability to offer any refund depends on the policies of the venue and what proportion we are obliged to pay them in respect of a cancelled place.

Booking Your Place

Bookings for this event will be live soon.


Booking Your Place

Bookings will open soon for this event.