Foundations for Kingdom Intercession. Title with brick wall behind.

Foundations for Kingdom Intercession

Welcome to this Foundations for Kingdom Intercession course.

Now that you are registered, you can start to watch through the teaching material.
You will need to watch these videos in advance of the calls so that you are prepared to discuss and can come with any questions. (NB: there will only be a brief recap of the week’s key teaching points at the start of each call).

New videos will be released each week.


Below are links to a few PRMI articles that people found useful when we last ran this course. Simply click on each one to head to the relevant article:

Throughout the course we will make some more written resources available – they will also appear on this page (either on this list, or alongside the relevant week’s teaching videos).

Teaching Videos

Just click on each of the image tiles below to be taken through to the relevant videos on Vimeo.

WEEK 1 : Exploring Intercession (viewing time 1h7)

View in time for 27th April Zoom call

WEEK 2 : Your Place of Intercession (viewing time 1h20)

View in time for 4th May Zoom call

WEEK 3 : The Work of Intercession (viewing time 40min)

View in time for 18th May Zoom call

WEEK 4 : Prayer that Shapes the Future (viewing time 1h11)

View in time for 25th May Zoom call

WEEK 5 : Spiritual Warfare and Strongholds (viewing time 1h56)

View in time for 8th June Zoom call

WEEK 6 : Strategies and Tactics for Spiritual Warfare (viewing time 52min)

View in time for 15th June Zoom call