Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit; growth classes for Spirit-empowered ministry. Title with bible in the bacground

Life in the Spirit (Online Course)

4th November – 9th December 2020 (each Wednesday evening)

“Life in the Spirit” is a six-week online class that introduces you to the basics of walking with the Holy Spirit. This lifestyle of living in the Holy Spirit will keep you attuned to the Lord’s guidance in those sacred moments of life change.

Learn from practitioners who experience moments of life-changing ministry and how they discovered what it means to walk in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Who is this class for?

This opportunity is for those who want to:

  • Grow in their spiritual life
  • Discover more about the person and work of the Holy Spirit
  • Practice what it means to cooperate with the Holy Spirit
  • Remind themselves of select teachings from Dunamis Project 1 and 2

About this course...

You will discover the excitement of participating in moments of God’s work through you to advance His Kingdom.

Galatians 5:25, commands us to “keep in step with the Holy Spirit.”

What might that look like in real life? That is what you will learn in this course, exploring what it is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Each 90-minute online class will feature a time to:

  • Discover: Brief teaching from people who live this ministry lifestyle.
  • Practice: Small group prayer activities and fellowship times.
  • Debrief: A brief time of evaluating any experience you may have had.

Course Outline

  • Session 1: How Jesus models cooperation with the Spirit for us
  • Session 2: Take your first steps towards cooperation with the Holy Spirit
  • Session 3: Discover what tools the Holy Spirit gives you for cooperation
  • Session 4: Kairos moments of cooperation advance the kingdom
  • Session 5: Two skills you need for stepping into cooperation
  • Session 6: How you can seek those moments of cooperation with the Holy Spirit

Dates & Time

Six consecutive Wednesday nights, from 4th November – 9th December.

Classes will run from 7:30pm to 9:00pm (GMT) and will be held online over Zoom.
Your personal login information will be sent to you when you register.

The waiting room will be open around 15-20mins before the official start time for any fellowship or getting your computer or sound setup sorted.

We highly recommend that you commit to being fully present during all six weeks, but you have grace to miss a session if needs be.


You must register for this course to receive your personal Zoom link for the calls.
Please do not share this link with others – they will need to register themselves for this course.

The same link will be used each week, so please make sure to save it for your records.


Get hold of your eBook

Some of the core teaching we will be going through is outlined in the free eBook: “Baptism with the Holy Spirit”.

We encourage you to read through this 39-page PDF as part of your personal preparation before coming on the course.