Vision and Strategy Teams

Vision & Strategy Teams (VSTs)

Our VSTs oversee

Online Events VST

This team was launched during the pandemic to ensure that the work of Dunamis continued and thrived during that difficult period.  There is an online community who will always see this medium as their main connection with the Dunamis family, and the VST plans and deliver events to equip and nurture this community.
Leader : Pauline Eyles

Pauline is a teacher for the Dunamis Institute and a prayer ministry practitioner. Her focus is on inner healing and deliverance, and on mentoring other practitioners. Pauline’s background is in human resources and strategic planning, and she heads up the Online Events Planning Team. Her passion is to see the wider church fully operate in the commands of Jesus in Matthew 10 v 8 & 9.

Healing VST

Mrs Elizabeth Turnbull

Elizabeth convenes our Healing VST and sees mentoring and helping set the ‘captives’ free as a fundamental part of achieving God’s great commission and bringing God’s love to people. She has been a prison chaplain for over 15 years, working across denominations, and is a qualified mediator and personal coach.

Pastoral VST

Mrs Jane Burgess