What We Do

What we do

We equip believers to advance the Kingdom of God through Holy Spirit empowered ministry. We do this through conferences, workshops and retreats – here in Britain and Ireland, and overseas with our sister international ministry organisations.


The Dunamis Project

Our core training course, helping people receive more from the Holy Spirit and learn to cooperate with him. Six equipping modules cover essential foundations and explore themes of life in the Spirit’s power, prayer, healing, spiritual warfare, and evangelism.

Healing Prayer Ministry

An opportunity to receive healing prayer from a team of people who are ready and willing to pray with you. Jesus Christ brought wholeness to people, and he continues that ministry through us in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Local opportunities for a congregation to catch the Holy Spirit’s flame and grow in faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Ignite! events are condensed workshops, typically conducted on Saturday, drawing on teaching material from the Dunamis Project.

Growing the Church

How can we help congregations to grow, not just in numbers, but in being alive to the activity of the Holy Spirit? This conference explores the dynamic practicalities of everyday church life as ‘dance steps’ of cooperation with the Holy Spirit.