Our Encounter events provide an opportunity to receive healing prayer from a team of people who have been trained for ministering – some via our Advanced Course on healing and deliverance ministry – and who are ready and willing to pray with you.

Jesus Christ brought wholeness to people, and he continues that ministry through us in the power of the Holy Spirit. These events blend together the different elements of prayer, worship, fellowship, and prayer ministry teams that create the context in which he is pleased to work.

The Bible describes Jesus working in six different forms of healing.
  1. The first is spiritual healing, which restores our relationship with God the Father and brings us into the Kingdom of God. This is always Jesus’ priority.
  2. Inner healing, which restores the wounding effects of our own sin and of being sinned against.
  3. Relational healing, which brings forgiveness and reconciliation in our relationships, from our own families to races and nations.
  4. Physical healing, in which we begin to have a foretaste of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in our bodies.
  5. Healing of the creation, that restores human beings in dominion over the earth and starts to heal the effects the Fall and to look toward a New Heaven and a New Earth.
  6. Jesus work of removing evil spirits that, through our sin, have gained a foothold and are blocking the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

We continue to be amazed and delighted as we see Jesus working in all these forms of healing.

I had the most wonderful experience. What had happened to me was forgotten: it’s out of the way, it’s over and done with, forgiven, forgotten, and now I can go forward from that. —Terry

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