Encounter Jesus’ healing ministry through:

  • Regional Teams

  • Annual Healing Week

  • Equipping Churches and Ministries


Our Encounter prayer ministry provides an opportunity to receive healing prayer from people who have been trained to minister and who are ready and willing to pray with you.

Jesus Christ brought wholeness to people, and he continues that ministry through us in the power of the Holy Spirit. These events blend together the different elements of prayer, worship, fellowship, and prayer ministry teams that create the context in which he is pleased to work.

What is prayer ministry?

During Jesus’ earthly ministry he brought healing, of various kinds, to those he met. He continues this ministry through his followers today, often in prayer with those who are experienced in discerning what the Holy Spirit is saying. Jesus is our healer and, in prayer, he is able to bring us into greater freedom to walk with him.

How do I know I could benefit from prayer ministry?

Jesus said his followers would experience his peace, joy and strength in their daily lives. Often, this is not our experience. Many things can block our ability to walk closely with Jesus and in prayer ministry these can be dealt with. They may include past hurts, unhealthy habits, fear, anger or other unwelcome intrusions into everyday living.

For a general idea of what happens during a prayer ministry appointment, please read this account written by someone after their first experience of prayer ministry.

For a more in-depth explanation of Jesus’ healing ministry please read this document.

I had the most wonderful experience. What had happened to me was forgotten: it’s out of the way, it’s over and done with, forgiven, forgotten, and now I can go forward from that. —Terry

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