Dunamis 5 – Spiritual Warfare


In this fifth Dunamis Project, Equipping for Spiritual Warfare, you’ll discover a sound Biblical and theological foundation for understanding the nature of our struggle with evil. More importantly, you’ll learn about your authority in Jesus Christ to take part in certain aspects of spiritual warfare.

Jesus came in order to overcome the works of the evil one. He set people free from the power and influence of unclean spirits, and triumphed over them on the cross. Today there is still a desire for freedom from the powers of darkness, and people are looking for answers anywhere they can.

Jesus intends his church to be an agent of liberation, and this Dunamis event helps equip us to be part of this ministry. Learning from Jesus’ own example, we will look at how Christians today can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in setting people free, resisting the works of Satan and advancing the Kingdom of God.

If you are moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and seeking to advance the kingdom of God then you will inevitably come across spiritual opposition, whether it is subtle or direct. This course will give systematic teaching and experience of what that is and how to deal with it.

The teaching provides an overview of Jesus’ deliverance ministry and gives insights into the spiritual struggle for communities. It helps us understand how we can be part of this work and be equipped by the Holy Spirit for our roles in this ministry.

Main teaching topics include

  • Introduction to Spiritual Warfare
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Kingdom of Satan
  • The Believer’s Preparation for Spiritual Warfare
  • Personal Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Without
  • Personal Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Within
  • Healing from Demonization
  • Kingdom Advance & Setting Captives Free: Understanding the role of Spiritual Warfare