DFB&I Leadership Team

The DFB&I Leadership Team gives apostolic oversight to the work of the Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland, through strategic leadership, counsel and support.

Rev Paul Stokes (Director)

Paul is Director of the DFB&I and Academic Dean for the Dunamis Institute. He co-authored ‘Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit‘ and has 30 years experience as a Minister. His vision is to see individuals and churches equipped to cooperate with the Holy Spirit through the Dunamis teaching.


Pauline Eyles (Associate Director)

Pauline is the Associate Director for the DFB&I, a teacher for the Dunamis Institute and a prayer ministry practitioner. Her focus is on inner healing and deliverance, and on mentoring other practitioners. Pauline’s background is in human resources and strategic planning, and her passion is to see the wider church fully operate in the commands of Jesus in Matthew 10:8-9


Hilary Clark (Regional Dean)

Hilary is the DFB&I Regional Dean for the Dunamis Institute, and is the Associate Director for the Dunamis Fellowship International. She is a retired maths teacher and an accredited Methodist Local Preacher. She loves teaching, personal prayer ministry and building community. Hilary has been involved in Dunamis since 2005, teaching in the UK, USA, Indonesia, Czech Republic and other places in Europe.


James Nicholson

James is the Pioneer Developer for Youth and Young Adults, looking for ways to make the teachings and ethos of Dunamis accessible for a fresh generation.


Trish Lavine

Trish is a prayer ministry practitioner and part of the Healing Ministry leadership team.


Peter Eyles (Secretary)

Peter is the Secretary for the DFB&I Leadership Team.  He is a prayer ministry practitioner and mentors in inner healing and deliverance.  His background is in telecommunications, strategic planning and more recently in relationship counselling and family mediation.  His passion is to see people equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit so that the kingdom of God can fully come on earth.


Elaine Pierpont

Elaine is the DFB&I’s Prayer Mobiliser. She has a background in systems analysis and software engineering, and has had various roles in the church. She is a Dunamis teacher and intercessor, and her passion is to see people equipped and envisioned to intercede as God calls them, from individual concerns to global issues.