Teaching Resources

Free-to access resources outlining some aspects of our teaching.

Participants in our Dunamis Project events are provided with extensive, comprehensive manuals as part of the course.

Charismatic Renewal in Britain

An extensive overview of the various movements and streams of Holy Spirit renewal in the British Isles. Beginning with the Celtic tradition and tracing the influence of Catholicism, Medieval Charismatics, the Anabaptists, Puritans, Quakers and Methodists, then looking at the 20th Century Charismatic Movement and subsequent developments.

‘Filled’ …or ‘filled’ ?

A study of the two distinct Greek words for ‘filled’ (pletho & pleroo) used to describe the work of the Holy Spirit – one for the inward, sanctifying work; the other for the outward, empowering work.

Discerning the Spirit

Click here to get it on Google PlayPut the Dunamis “Discernment Tests” in your pocket for handy reference – a simple and brief guide, using questions and notes from our Dunamis Project #2 “In the Spirit’s Power”.

Clothed with power from on high

An outline of the distinctive understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit which characterises our ministry, including: The Dunamis Project & Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Online study courses

Self-directed online study resources from the Dunamis Institute (redirects to a sister site for the international aspect of our work).

Nurturing Healing Ministry in the Congregation

Nurturing Healing Ministry in the Congregation – an updated chapter from Dunamis IV (The Healing Ministry of Dunamis), written by Paul Stokes and others.