Tenets of the Dunamis Fellowship


Our Ten Tenets provide the basis for our unity which is centered in Jesus Christ. Members are to make yearly commitments to the tenets. As a member of the Dunamis Fellowship I commit myself to:

  1. Growing in intimacy with Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life, and the only way to God, the Father;

  2. Growing in the Word of God as my authority;
Fulfilling the Great Commission;

  4. Receiving the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:8;

  5. Doing the work of prayer that shapes the future;

  6. Listening to the Holy Spirit and walking in obedience;
  7. “Walking in the light” with other members of the Body of Jesus Christ;

  8. Working with others to accomplish the purpose of the Dunamis Fellowship – to mobilize, equip, and deploy Spirit-empowered witnesses for Jesus Christ;
Nurturing other members of the Dunamis Fellowship in their following of Jesus Christ;

  10. Participating in and seeking to build up the congregation to which God has called me.