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Awake My Soul (Online Course)

Preparing our hearts for the next Great Awakening of the Holy Spirit

1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd June (each Wednesday evening from 7pm BST)

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What if the Holy Spirit ‘was on the move’ to pour out his Spirit in a great awakening?
Would we be ready for it?

This new 4-part course will look at the discernment that the Lord might indeed ‘be on the move’ in this particular way, and then look at what our response might be to this, both as individuals and as part of a Spirit-led organisation.

By the end of Awake My Soul, you will have gained: 

  • A brief history of the key moves of the Holy Spirit over the years;
  • A basic knowledge of what revivals or awakenings look like (and the benefits of them);
  • Recap teaching on how we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit;
  • Recap teaching on how to identify and respond to what God might be calling you into (in witness and service); and
  • How you can use all of this knowledge to participate in future moves of the Holy Spirit

Course Outline

What is a ‘Great Awakening’ and why call this event ‘Awake my Soul’?

How has the Holy Spirit moved in Awakenings and revivals in the past?

Hear some past and present prophecies about Great Awakenings.

What were the characteristics of previous Awakenings and how can we learn from these to make ourselves ready?

Are we truly in a Kairos moment for another Great Awakening?

Church Renewal – Jesus is Lord, not just a saviour.

Refocusing on spirit-filled prayer, worship, witness.

The Bible seen as the inspired and living word of God. 

‘One new humanity’ – Jews and Gentiles coming together in unity to worship the same Messiah.
The restoration of Israel.

Transformational renewal of society, across all spectrums (from national governments to local communities and families).

Biblical social justice and equality.

The church truly fulfilling her mandate of the Great Commission.

How can we be a part of all of this?
Preparing our hearts!

“Not by power, not by might but by My Spirit”

It starts with prayer.

Recap on who is the Holy Spirit and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual gifts needed to join in the dance of cooperation.

An opportunity to recommit ourselves.

Looking at some blocks to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – the world, the flesh, and the devil.

How previous moves of the Holy Spirit have eventually faded out.

The need to receive both the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit to engage.

The need to be in community to stay safe.

Practical steps for engaging both as an individual and as part of PRMI/DFB&I.

How do I know where I am called? How can I be equipped?

Course Format

Each week there will be two or three videos to watch in advance of the Zoom calls.

The teaching videos will go live around 7 days before each session.
You will be sent a link to the video(s) to watch in your own time.
Viewing time each week will be approx. 45-60 minutes.

Each Zoom session will feature a time to:

  • RE-DISCOVER: A brief recap of the teaching, including opportunities for questions and comments.
  • PRACTICE: Small group discussions and prayers.
  • WORSHIP: Praising and honouring the Lord in this time of preparing our hearts.

We hope to have one or two guest speakers across the course to add insight and testimonies to the teaching.

This new course builds from week to week on materials that many will find unfamiliar.
You should aim to be fully present for the whole course.

The Zoom calls will not be recorded due to their interactive nature.

Dates & Time

1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd June (each Wednesday)
7 pm – 8:45 pm (BST) – please adjust for your timezone if you are not in the UK
Online over Zoom

The waiting room will open around 15 minutes before the official start time for fellowship.
We will begin promptly at 7pm.


For all registrations: the link to the teaching videos can be found in your Zoom Registration Confirmation email you automatically received upon registering.


Registration is now closed for this event

DFB&I is a faith-based ministry and we do not charge for any of our teaching.
At some point during the course, you will be given an opportunity to hear more about the work of this ministry; if you feel blessed by the teaching and the Lord prompts you to give, then we will be sharing with you how you can make a donation.

If you would like to explore this before the course begins, you can head over to our Donations page for more information.