40 Days of Prayer

Monday 25th July - Friday 2nd September 2022

The work of prayer that shapes the future is core to the work of the DFBI.
At the Leadership Team’s most recent meeting we sensed an urgent need to call the whole Fellowship to join us in praying for some key areas for the future of the DFBI.

From July 25th to September 2nd we will be running 40 Days of Prayer to pray for the future of DFBI with a specific focus on young people and finances. 

Would you consider partnering with us as we are obedient in doing what the Spirit has revealed to us?

We will be joining together over Zoom for an hour a day to pray and discern what the Spirit is saying to us for these areas. You do not have to join us every day but can dip in and out as it suits you.

Do join us in this strategic season as we do the praying that shapes the future.

There is a lot of information on this page, so click the icons below to navigate to the section you need:

What are we praying for?

The Lord is leading us to pray for the future of DFBI, specifically the areas of:

  • Young People; and
  • Finances

We have a desire to see not only more people engaging with Dunamis, but young people especially who can embody the DNA of this ministry and carry it forwards in the future.

We are also deeply aware of our need to grow the ministry of Dunamis and the resources which are needed to do this, so that we can achieve everything that God has laid before us.

Dates & Times

Each day from 27th July to 2nd September we will gather on Zoom. The times will be different each day, but week-to-week these won’t change (i.e. every Monday we will gather at the same time) as follows:

MONDAYS: 2-3pm
TUESDAYS: 11am – 12pm
THURSDAYS: 7:30-8:30pm
FRIDAYS: 10-11am
SUNDAYS: 7:30-8:30pm

What if I'm joining in prayer but cannot make the calls?

(Sharing Discernment)

Across the 40 days of prayer we will be collating a record of what we believe the Lord is saying to us.

If you are unable to make the Zoom calls, but are joining us in prayer at other times of day, we would love to hear what the Lord has been saying to you during these times.

You can email any discernment, words, pictures etc. to: 40days@dunamis.org.uk 
Ruth Sermon and James Nicholson (on behalf of the DFB&I Leadership Team) will receive these emails so they can add your contributions into the document.

You do need to register to receive the Zoom link (for security purposes), however the link will remain the same throughout and you should only need to register once. Your registration link is personal, so please do not share it.

Click the button below to register to receive the Zoom link to pray with us.

It is extremely important you save the confirmation email you receive upon registration because this link will NOT be sent before every call. If you lose it you will need to re-register.

NOTE: Emails to Nicola (admin@dunamis.org.uk) are unlikely to receive urgent response across the summer, due to working reduced hours and taking some Annual Leave.


Throughout the 40 Days of Prayer, we will send weekly reminders on Sunday evenings. This is simply so you have a reminder of the timings for the week ahead, a reminder to email in any discernment, and the opportunity to register to come onto the calls. There may even be a highlight or two from the previous week.

These emails will be sent from 40days@dunamis.org.uk and so I urge you to make sure your email provider doesn’t send these to junk/spam or promotions.

If you DO NOT want to receive email updates about this 40 Days of Prayer while it’s happening, please email Nicola (admin@dunamis.org.uk) requesting to be removed from the 40 Days of Prayer mailing group on our system.

DFB&I is a faith-based ministry and we do not charge for any of our teaching or ministry.
If you would like to make a donation, you can head over to our Donations page for more information.
If you are a UK taxpayer, we invite you to Gift Aid your donations to make them stretch 25% further.

If you would like to donate towards one a specific area of ministry, please make that known by emailing details of your donation and where you’d like it allocated to: finance@dunamis.org.uk