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The Holy Spirit equips and empowers us to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. Yet too often our lives, our churches, our neighbourhoods, and our nations seem bogged down with intractable problems and recurring issues.
What is behind them and how do we break through?

In ‘Kingdoms in Conflict’, you will explore how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to identify and pray against the spiritual forces opposing the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the context where you are.

We will explore together how these forces operate and the evidence for their activity in the human realm, including in working relationships.


In this course you will:

  1. Learn what a stronghold is and how it forms, with a focus on the local church;
  2. Pick up strategies and tactics which the LORD uses to pull down strongholds and weaken or break their influence, especially in local churches;
  3. Learn how a prayer cohort functions and why it is important to be in one;
  4. Begin to cooperate with the Holy Spirit through empowerment and prayer to see local churches set free from strongholds;
  5. Grow in the spiritual gifts needed to discern the work of the Holy Spirit, and of the demonic, within local churches.

‘Kingdoms in Conflict’ builds upon the ‘Foundations for Kingdom Intercession’ course.


If you have not done our ‘Foundations for Kingdom Intercession’ course, we strongly advise you also watch these videos prior to starting those for ‘Kingdoms in Conflict’.

The total running time of the Foundations videos is about seven hours. The longest two videos are 40-45 minutes, most others are 15-30 minutes, and the shortest video is less than 5 minutes.

A link to the ‘Foundations for Kingdom Intercession’ videos will be made available upon registration for ‘Kingdoms in Conflict’, so you can watch them (or watch again) before the ‘Kingdoms in Conflict’ videos become available.


Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th March 2022.
1pm – 5:30pm AND 7pm – 9:30pm each day (includes some short breaks)

The teaching videos will be made available by the beginning of March.

  1. Watch the pre-recorded videos prior to the online group calls
  2. Join the live group Zoom calls to discuss the content, explore case studies, and begin to put the teaching into practice

You will gain the most benefit from the course by watching all the videos and joining all the sessions as there will be continuity between them. Zoom calls will not be recorded due to their interactive nature.

If you are in church leadership and there is normally a PCC or Elders’ (or similar) meeting that clashes with one of the sessions, why not sign up all the committee or Elders and participate as a group?


Registration for this course is now closed.

DFB&I is a faith-based ministry and we do not charge for any of our teaching.
At some point during the course, you will be given an opportunity to hear more about the work of this ministry; if you feel blessed by the teaching and the Lord prompts you to give, then we will be sharing with you how you can make a donation.

If you would like to explore this before the course begins, you can head over to our Donations page for more information.