Healing Retreat

Encounter Healing Ministry Retreat

Mon 28 March – Fri 1 April 2022

The King’s Park Conference Centre, Northampton NN3 6LL


“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” – Mark 6:31

– Bookings are now closed for this event –

Jesus invites you to draw aside with him and receive his healing and rest.

We encourage you to join us at this retreat and allow yourself to be ministered to by the Lord as you linger in his presence and experience his healing touch in a way that both brings freedom to you and draws you closer to Him.

This will be an opportunity to spend time in worship, prayer and fellowship. It will include times of ‘soaking’ worship music, providing a period of simple relaxation and reflection, with gentle music playing in the background, in an environment with care and peace. The aim is to help us quieten ourselves, allow our bodies and minds to rest, and our souls to be refreshed by God.

There will be times of bible studyWe also encourage you to spend personal time alone with the Lord. 

Jesus Christ brought wholeness to people, and he continues that ministry through us in the power of the Holy Spirit. There will be opportunities to receive in depth healing prayer from a team of people who have been trained for healing and deliverance ministry and are ready and willing to pray with you. We aim to create the context in which Jesus is pleased to work. 

The only charge for this event is for the accommodation and meals. Dunamis healing ministry is provided free of charge and all prayer ministers pay their own way.

This event offers flexibility depending on your needs.
Choose 2 to 4 nights to suit your time, availability and budget.
Booking is essential.


£162 – 2 nights
£225 – 3 nights
£289 – 4 nights

To receive prayer ministry:

Healing Prayer Ministry is a special time for you. It is a time for you to be real – to share your heart and your struggles with Jesus, through your ministry team. It is a safe, loving environment where there will be no judgement or criticism.

Simply complete the booking form if you would like to come and receive prayer ministry at this residential event.

To serve as an intercessor or on the ministry team:

Please email us if you would like to serve on the team at this event.

To serve on a ministry team, we require you to have taken part in:

  • Dunamis Project 1 (Gateways to Empowered Ministry), Dunamis Project 4 (The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ) and Dunamis Project 5 (Spiritual Warfare); or
  • completed the Advanced Course (Healing and Deliverance), preferably within the last three years.

If you have not done any of these events within three years, please contact us about refresher training.

Faith Ministry

The cost covers only the venue fees for board and lodging, and administration. Dunamis is a faith ministry run by volunteers (including the teachers and leaders).

Offerings are invited at every event so we can continue to equip more people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Bursary assistance may be available: enquiries – and donations – to the bookings administrator.

Ministers are encouraged to seek a denominational training grant, and to include an element for Dunamis speakers’ expenses.


Booking Your Place

Bookings are now closed for this event.