Exousia Videos

Exousia 2.0 – Videos

Welcome to Exousia. The course comprises three online sessions and two full days onsite.

There are videos to watch in preparation for three of these occasions. The videos are available below, with an indication of the associated dates.

For Session #1 - watch in time for 7th Sept (3 videos)

The History of the Dunamis Project

Rev Dr Brad Long, Executive Director of PRMI and founder of the Dunamis Project, introduces the back-story of how the Dunamis Project was developed.

The Vision and Purpose of the Dunamis Project

Rev Dr Brad Long explains the vision and purpose – the ‘why’ of the Dunamis Project.

Gateways in an Hour

Rev Paul Stokes, Academic Dean for the Dunamis Institute, provides a summary overview of Gateways, outlining the flow of how each topic contributes towards the purpose.

For Session #2 - watch in time for 16th Sept (3 videos)

Pinnacle Sayings

Rev Chris Walker explores the Pinnacle Sayings which express the culture and ethos of PRMI and the Dunamis Project.

How to lead a debriefing

Rev Paul Stokes reflects on the reasons for, and practices of, debriefing at Dunamis .

Team Meetings at Events

Rev Paul Stokes considers the purpose and practicalities of the Leadership Team meetings during Dunamis events.

For onsite event - watch in time for 28th Sept (4 videos)

Story of One

James Nicholson, and Pauline Eyles in conversation with Amanda, introduce the Story of One as a model for sharing the impact of Dunamis and inviting an offering in response to this.

Why Leaders need to Cast Vision

Rev Dr Brad Long describes how the Holy Spirit spoke into the ministry about the call to operate on a faith basis trusting in Jesus’ provision, and our role to share the vision for this worldwide move of God in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Introduction to PRMI’s Four Vision Initiatives

Rev Paul Stokes looks tha the four Vision Initiatives that are central to PRMI’s ministry.

Introduction to PRMI’s Three Pillars

Rev Paul Stokes provides a brief introduction to the Three Pillars which provide the overarching structure for PRMI’s work.